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Set up custom notifications that alert you for only the issues that matter.

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"Gives me more confidence in our our sprint planning and execution."

"Intuned gives us the tools to continuously monitor our software delivery and engineering operations to ensure we can deliver towards our OKRs on time.”

Richard Girges - Vice President, Engineering Mntn Digtal

"Helps me continuously improve our engineering operations."

"With Intuned, I can have a clear view of all metrics and analytics to make necessary changes in my planning and execution strategies. I am able to properly resource efforts and communicate blockers across organization."

Elle Rabe, co-founder, Falcon

Discover and remediate bottlenecks in your operations in a timely manner 

Your execution strategy cannot be based on guesswork. You don't know what you don't measure. Get custom reports across all of your engineering processes run on tools like Jira, Linear, GitHub, GitLab, with Intuned.

Maintaining a modern data stack for all engineering tools is expensive

Simply connect your tools to Intuned and enjoy building metrics and dashboards on top of reliable data . Don't waste your time and money on extracting and transforming data.

Give Context. What is the cause of this problem?

Discover and discuss what caused the problem. Make data-informed decisions on retrospectives and improve your teams processes.

Integrations with the platforms you already use

Good strategy only comes from reliable data

Get insights on your software delivery and team engagement metrics. Boost visibility into your engineering operations within days.

No more stitching data between 8 different tools

Easy to use schema to build the dashboards, alerts, and metrics you need

An all-in-one product and engineering analytics platform for all your needs

Drive transparency across organization
Build custom dashboards for key stakeholders and reduce adhoc demands for reporting.
Continuously improve planning
Leave quarterly reviews with confidence you can deliver. Using Intuned you can make data-informed decisions on future estimates based on past execution.
Make the most out of your data
Measure the metrics that matter with custom reports. Use actionable insights to boost your ROI.
Get notified on risks
Keep up with trends on your software delivery. Get alerted on risks and adjust quickly.

Transform the way you measure your execution

Learn how Intuned can help take your engineering operations to the next level.