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"Gives me more confidence in our our sprint planning and execution."

"Intuned gives us the tools to continuously monitor our software delivery and engineering operations to ensure we can deliver towards our OKRs on time.”

Richard Girges - Vice President, Engineering Mntn Digtal

"Helps me continuously improve our engineering operations."

"With Intuned, I can have a clear view of all metrics and analytics to make necessary changes in my planning and execution strategies. I am able to properly resource efforts and communicate blockers across organization."

Elle Rabe, co-founder, Falcon

Why Intuned?

Learn why we're building Intuned
Faisal Ilaiwi
3 minutes

TL;DR: Intuned is the data assistant for engineering leaders. Watch our demo to see how it works, and email us if you want to learn more or get early access!

We are Faisal and Zawad, and we are building Intuned! We are on a mission to help engineering leaders!


Being an engineering manager day to day is not easy. There is a lot that engineering managers are dealing with.

Reliable execution - As teams evolve, the software delivery process tends to lag behind and results in unreliable team execution. Data for analyzing engineering and product operations have been fragmented. There are first class software tools that offer ticket tracking, customer support escalation, deployment pipelines, on-call orchestration, and they all provide immense value. However it becomes very hard hard to measure process improvements across these tools.

Status reports - Engineering leaders are expected to conduct a lot of repetitive and ad-hoc status reports. So you will often find engineering leaders spending a lot of their time preparing reports right before planning, retrospectives, and leadership syncs.

People management - Managing people is more of an art than science but not all engineering managers are artist. So quantifiable data can help managers drive conversations instead of making decisions solely based on gut feelings**.** Given the difficulty to get data in a meaningful non-harmful way makes performance-reviews period is a tough one.

Our Solution

While the problems above are common with most managers, the exact way they can be solved will depend on the manager, their team, their processes, and the systems they use. There is NO one-size-fits-all here. With Intuned, we are providing a toolbox to help!

Intuned offers a single pane of glass where engineering leaders can easily write queries, build alerts, and metrics on operational tools like GitHub, Jira, PagerDuty (and more) in a single platform. Intuned accommodates all working styles and adapts to the tools the team uses. Using this flexible approach, we believe we can help managers with many of their regular tasks, and save them time, effort and randomization.

Why build this?

As a former engineering manager myself, this is the product that I wish I had!

2.5 years ago, I became a manager for an engineering team of 2 that end up growing to around 20 people by the time I left UiPath.

As our team was scaling, we experienced growing pains with engineers being blocked by others, deployments taking longer, and overall team execution felt like it was lagging. So I ended up building a small tool to help! That tool ended up being very useful. That tool is the inspiration behind Intuned.

How does it work?

  1. Connect data from the tools your team uses with a few clicks.
  2. Intuned will help you start exploring what is important for you to measure and track
  3. Together we help you set up your own custom dashboards and notifications to track what is important for your organization

Let’s Talk!

If you or someone you know are a leader of an engineering team who is feeling some of these pains, we think Intuned can help! please email us or schedule a meeting with us.

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